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Stay and visit a while and be encouraged for God is Good.

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Stronghold's Bio

Since Stronghold's beginnings in 2002 Mickey, the band's singer / songwriter began writing material for a CD. The band was blessed to have as one of its members Ivor's pastor Don Chapman. Don and Mickey teamed up to write several songs before his passing in the fall of 2002. Mickey later teamed up with Ken Thames and co-wrote some songs which ended up on the CD as well. “A Cross And A Crown” was released in October of 2006 and Stronghold was nominated as Contemporary Artist of the Year for 2007 by Indieheaven and the CIA Alliance at their 3rd annual Momentum Awards in March of 2008.

    Stronghold has undergone several personnel changes since its inception.  Mickey and his wife Ann were joined by Sharon Payne in the Spring of 2012, Mark Cool in Dec of 2012, and Jim Manner in January of 2013 making the ministry of Stronghold the strongest yet. All 5 members have a true heart for God, a love for music, a genuine passion for sharing God's Word, making disciples, and are humbled at the opportunities God places in front of them.

    Stronghold has had many opportunities to share their ministry outside the church such as County Fairs, Community Days, Festivals, Coffee Houses, Charity events and Biker Events. Their music style includes Easy Listening, Classic Rock, Blues, Southern Rock and 80's metal bands who defined superb musical arrangements and tights vocal harmonies. These attributes are found on their CD, "A Cross And A Crown" CD. And continued on their CD project "Stop Runnin’ From God" released October of 2011.

    Their messages of God's love and mercy as well as the consequences of His wrath combined with their music style have captured and engaged audiences at every performance.  It is our desire that all would come to know Christ Jesus and make no bones about compassionately, yet strongly, putting the truth of God's Word in front of the audience.

Mickey Rosenfeld - Acoustic/Electric guitars, Lead Vocals

Ann Rosenfeld - keyboards, background vocals

Sharon Payne - Drums

Jim Manner – Bass

Mark Cool - Acoustic/Electric Guitars/ background vocals


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